Site Safety


At Genview we take great pride in our commitment to safety and our outstanding safety record. Our low rates of incidents and injury are testament to the safety culture that is at the core of our day-to-day work place operations. We ensure that all of our work is performed under the tenants of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007


  • To identify health and safety hazards in the workplace and to develop appropriate work methods and procedures to ensure safe performance of all activities.
  • To prevent the occurrence of accidents resulting in injury and to reduce the severity of work place injuries.
  • To pro–actively improve the safety management system.


  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control measures (to reduce or qualify risks)
  • Safe work method statements
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Induction and education programs
  • Contractor selection based on safety record
  • Aim to eliminate the industry gap between written safety and site safety


  • All staff must have a valid Induction for Construction Work (White Card)
  • All staff are suitably qualified to undertake any given task
  • All staff are required to have read and understood all relevant JSA worksheets
  • We have a zero tolerance to drug and alcohol consumption at the workplace
  • All PPE will be supplied and must be worn when required
  • All work zones are to be suitably signed with exclusion zones created for all dangerous work.
  • Safety recovery procedures are covered for high risk works


Genview have successfully managed to promote teamwork, commitment and community spirit through:

  • The encouragement of a sense of ownership of the project amongst staff members and fostering a team work mentality
  • Providing quality staff with appropriate supervision, training and support
  • Actively promoting a healthy work/life balance

We recognize that employees are our greatest assets. Assisting employees develop is crucial to the achievement of our goals; this increases flexibility and is an investment in both the performance of the individual and the organisation.

Throughout the recruitment process, there is a high focus on selecting candidates who have the necessary skills, certifications and expertise to carry out varying scopes of work as required. As a minimum, all personnel will have the training and accreditation required by law to undertake their assigned tasks. Genview will use contract labour when necessary, however, our preference is to employ personnel directly.

Genview does not foresee any demarcation issues. Under the existing collective agreement there are discrete classification structures that are designed to eliminate any potential demarcation disputes that might arise on the Contract. Genview shall enforce the scope and application of the Agreement to ensure that potential demarcation issues do not arise, thereby reducing disruption to the Contract.


Safety, integrity, teamwork and honest open communication are the foundation for Genview’s core values.

Genview has strategically engaged key qualified personnel to manage employee and industrial relations, establish systems, implement processes and procedures to identify and deal with issues raised by employees, employee representatives and subcontractors with the achievement of 0% loss of time due to industrial action.

Through these core values we have never been prosecuted or had any adverse findings made against Genview in any Industrial Relations Commission (State or Federal).


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