Genview strive for excellence in quality in our field.

This includes stringent pre starting, during and after attention to detail of all scope of works to be carried out.

We believe that due to our management structure this benefits enormously.

This process involves:

  • Morning pre start meetings
  • Detailed explanations of work to be carried out to clients and employees
  • Checklists to ensure nothing is missed in planning
  • Thorough pre pour checklists as well as post pour checklists, as well as continual supervision
  • Employee training in all aspects of working at heights, required standards, safety requirements
  • Per and post inspections off all activities is carried out on a continual basis

Each team of workers is lead by a supervisor who monitors day to day works, quality and ensures progress is made to schedule. He is required to report to the Site manager in the morning & afternoon daily to allow planning and continuity of works.

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